Monday, March 17, 2008

It never fails to anger me

If there's something I hate, it's cowards who hide behind their ethnicity and religion and culture to pass themselves off as the perpetual victim. Because white men came up with the grandiose scheme of slavery to bring more inequalty and tyranny to this world, a white person can no longer criticise a black person without being called condescending, colonialistic, imperialistic, slave driving, etc. Robert Mugabe's power is build on this tactic. Whenever he needs to distract the sheeple from the apalling poverty in Zimbabwe, he pulls out the boogyman of arrogant western imperialists sabotaging proud and free Africa. I doubt this is what Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or Jesse Jackson meant when they changed the world for the better.

But this time, regretably, the group using such cheap below-the-waist shots are the pro-Israel lobby. Criticizing Israel equals you wanting to see it utterly destroyed. How un-nuanced can it get? This time they took a really inlikely victim: a Dutch ex-minister named Dries van Agt. Van Agt is a conservative christian politician. A former member a conservative thinktankt that fell from grace when its leader alligned itself with a racist dumb blonde party leader (van Agt BTW left exactly for this reason). He peppered his speech with ancient words. And in his wilder years he sought out open confrontation with a social-democratic premier by means of denigrating comparisons.
But in 2005, he had a revelation on a fact-finding mission to Israel. He must have stumbled across something rotten while fact finding. When he returned from Israel he became an open sympathiser of the plight of Palestinian citizens. He's become highly critical of Israel as a result of being at the front row of where it's all happening.

Enter Hendryk Broder, a Judeo-German political commentator who's know for his partisan support of Israel. He attacks left-wing pacifists by calling them anti-semitists. No constructive debate can be held with this kind of man. Van Agt's scepticism towards Israel has been noticed by Broder, as he's called him a christian anti-semite now. He based this on no other proof than that van Agt dared criticize Israel. I can now consider Broder another coward using ethnic background and history to deflect criticism and shun responsibility.
Van Agt fortunately seems well aware of this argument. It must be getting old. His response was that this was a well known method to silence critics of Israel. I must applaud him for his sharp sense and courage. His ally, Hajo Meijer, a Jewish Auschwitz survivor, is also a writer and critic of Israel. Broder has called this person of semitic descent an anti-semite as well. Screw you Broder! You don't even know who you're talking about. In contrary to yourself, Meijer actually witnessed real anti-semitism the likes of which you never experienced, because you're from the 50's! You're a blind man, trying to paint your brother as a racist when you are the only one who has anything in common with a true racist: sweeping generalisations! Your American counterpart is the partisan that claims his opponent has no patriotism because that opponent is practicing his right to free speech by questioning the government's leadership; the cornerstone of democracy.

And Broder is not the only one who has picked up on this sham of a tactic. Desmond Tutu has also been called a closet Nazi when he questioned Israel's policies. I kid you not! Some of the most powerful allies in the fight to end Apartheid were Jews, and the freedom loving people of South Africa are indebted to these countrymen. But Free Speech as the price for freedom? Never! You would be right back at square one if you shut up because someone does not like his fault laid bare: paternalism, authoritarianism, fascism. The pro-Israel lobby must stop bullying critics, or they will become themselves what they hate most. It is very demeaning for actual victims of fascism and persecution, like Hajo Meijer was. The pro-Israel lobby is incredibly racist: it tries to maintain a distinction between Jews and non-Jews in a world that needs to grow out of judging others by their creed, skin colour or culture!

Monday, March 3, 2008

War is Dumb

I have very little respect for Israel. There, I said it. Their military incompetence is mind-numbing. I don't mean their discipline, tactics, doctrines and superior firepower. I mean their complete disregard of strategy. If the whole terror bombing of Beirut wasn't overkill for kidnappings up two of their soldiers if not just a superiority complex that would frighten the most ardent Nazi if it had been the German people.

In the last 8 years, 13 Israelis have died from rocket attacks. So what!? Excuse my momemtary disregard of human lives, but how many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli missiles? Really, stop whining you're the victims for Christian X's sake! If you'd do some basic math, you'd come to some shocking conclusions: 1) Palestinian casualties are higher and 2) Israel is totally winning on all fronts.
I suppose the bodycount of Palestinian terrorists and civilians versus Israeli soldiers and civilians speaks for itself. But to truly comprehend (or rather, be completely appalled at this senseless war) how much Hamas fails, let's look at it from their perspective. You can't understand the situation and problem until you look at it from both viewpoints.

Okay, Hamas and Jihad continuously launch their Qassam rockets at Israeli settlements as repercussions. I don't know much about military-industrial prices, but let's say each rocket costs a hundred dollar (especially these fine, smuggled ones that come from Iran and Egypt). Every time the grand pooha of Hamas feels Israel must die, his lackeys fire over a hundred of these things at Israel. It's fireworks twice a year in Palestine. And they spend $10.000 on rockets on their shindig. Still, they are lucky to hit anything at all. These fighters and their rockets must be wildly inaccurate if they've fired thousands of these things, and yet only killed 13 civilians asside from the collateral damage, which can't be nearly as high as what these things cost Hamas. So let's get one thing established: terrorists suck as War of Attrition!
Have you seen the Israeli responses? They bulldoze villages, easily offsetting the damage to their (illegal) settlements. Their snipers can theoretically take out the command structure with one bullet, much cheaper than a hundred rockets. The helicopter missiles of the Israeli Airforce are laser guided and precise (so precise in fact, that Beirut is no longer standing, asside from the intended targets) and way more deadly that anything Hamas smuggles over the border. I don't know about you, but I don't need an in depth investigation to tell me Israel can, and is causing much greater losses both in manpower and in money value.

In face of the hard numbers, there is only one conclusion: Hamas is losing, and they make themselves look like incompetent fools as they are doing so. Their complete lack of economic skill, even in the bloody world of murder and genocide, makes you praise the Nazis for their efficiency in this department. In calmer moods I'll probably condemn those Nazis for their lack of humanity and their great evil. But say for yourself. Compare Qassam rockets to Zyklon gas. Quiet, efficient, cheap, lethal. All the advantages with none of the mess! If the terrorists still can't see how they're evil, murderous and demonic for their war, and also not how dumb they're waging it by practically killing Israelis by throwing money as hard as they can, I really really wish we can see them as Darwin awards nominees. They seriously need to be exterminated to ensure nobody in history will be so gruellingly ineffective and stupid at warfare, or anything else! Jock off and die already!

But the worst yet is that Israelis are actually afraid of such incompetent enemies!Yeah, so Qassam rockets are not the only means Hamas and Jihad have. Still, can't they see that Hamas is going to run out of funds at this rate while the Israeli army has more finances and better bureacracy? That every single weapon in the Israeli arsenal could cause more casualties than these 'dreaded' Qassam missiles? That their soldiers are much stronger? If they can't see this, they're just as dumb. And this was proven before, as they always take the bait Hamas puts out and go in guns blazing and killing everyone left and right, murdering as much and more than Hamas, just more effectively?
If these blockheads in Israel are so afraid of rocket attacks on their illegal colonies, just evacuate the darn places! You had no right to be there anyway, since you signed treaties that are either current, or have been violated already by both. Just abadon! Make it a buffer zone. And shoot every militant that ventures out of Gaza on sight. Those terrorists can't fire at anything out of range. And once they advance to get back in range and they're out of civilian presence, it's whack-a-mole time!

There, I solved your little intifada. Now gimme my Nobel peace price and the grants your put on the heads of these soon-to-be dead terrorists.